Academy Director: Jessica Clayton

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameJessica Clayton
Course(s) TaughtPBS and MI
Period Taught1,3-7
Perry Revlett
William Lastowski
Biology Honors
2 & 5
Donna Alvator
Chemistry Honors
Leanna Parrish
A & P Honors
next year

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Curriculum In Action:
12/11/13 - Students learned the concepts of cells: size and division. Cell
Division was taught in Mr. Lastowski's Biology Hon. class so students had
prior knowledge coming into the Cell Size and Division lab conducted in the
Principles of Biomed class. Students were given agar cubes and allowed
slice the cube into smaller cubes until they couldn't slice a cube any more.
Then students measured and calculated surface area to determine whether
or not cell size matters and if bigger is always better. Students determined,
after calculations and analysis, that bigger isn't better regarding cell size.
Curriculum In Action:
Standard 2: Career Focus

Standard 3: Program of Study

Standard 4: Advisory Committee

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Pure Schedule
Please see Mr. Devito (UHS AP) regarding pure scheduling.
Below is a list of current teachers, both academy and core, that are integrating their curriculums for the betterment of the Biomedical Sciences Academy.
PBS: 1,3,5,&7
MI: 4&6
Bio Hon: 2 & 5
To be integrated in the 2013-2014 school year with MI
PBS: 1 & 2
HBS: 3,4,5,&6
Chem Hon:
Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
Clayton-Lastowski: Via e-mails and phone calls and during ICW meetings
Clayton - Parrish: Our classrooms are adjacent from each other allowing for
constant verbal communication as well as e-mail and ICW meetings.
Perry - Alvator: Via e-mails and ICW meetings.
Standard 8: Staff Development
Quarterly Integrated Curriculum Meetings
PLTW Medical Interventions Training
Health Advisory Board Member
State Mentor for new Biomedical Sciences Teachers - Quarterly meetings
Standard 9: Articulation
Open House
High School Showcase
River Springs Middle High School Registration Night
Sneak Peak
STEM: Biomedical Science Brochure
STEM Shirt
HOSA affiliation

Standard 10: Workbased Learning
EMS/Military Day
RED OUT Game: Free BP for parents, students, staff
Standard 11: Capstone Project
In PBS (level1) - The Grant Proposal is being moved to level 4 as the writing skills of 9th graders are too under developed to handle such an extensive capstone project. A new project will be created in it's place for this level.
In HBS (level 2) - Creating Clay Mannequin Human Bodies while studying the various human body systems.
In MI (level 3) - Students will design the perfect Bionic Human using all of the knowledge they have obtained through the course of the year in order to use appropriate medical interventions to create the perfect Bionic Human (4.4.2).
In BI (level 4) - The Grant Proposal will be inserted here as a cummulative project of all of the knowledge students have obtained through the past 3 years of being in the Biomedical Sciences Academy.
The Grant Proposal: Students have researched a disease, what causes the disease at it's most basic form, current treatments of the disease, what treatments can be created to cure/better treat the disease (although it may be creative), who (medical personnel) would be involved in creating the treatment, and how much the treatment would cost as well as which procedures to follow in order to implement the treatment (PBS unit 8).
Standard 12: Marketing

STEM Logo final orang black stroke.JPG
S.T.E.M. T-shirts
Field Trips to Nemours, STEM Symposium, Debary Elementary Science Nights, and Science Fair Judging with STEM shirts on.
Attend Open House, High School Showcase, Sneak Peak, and River Springs 8th grade Registration Night with student representatives from STEM.
Final Evaluation: